Thursday, April 12, 2012

Woody Burger

Phi's Search For the Bestest Burger:

Woody's BBQ , Goleta, Ca

 I found a new food that I love. Hamburgers. And now I am on the search for the world's bestest burger. While I was in Santa Barbara visiting my Nana and Tata we went out to dinner at Woody's BBQ and I had the Woody Burger. Plain with cheese. That's how I order all my burgers.

I liked the meat and the potato bread bun. I did not like the french fries it came with. The restaurant was fun and I liked all the cowboy stuff. There is a funny outhouse when you first walk in.

What was really fun was after you eat you get to wash your hands in a bath tub!!
Out of 10 stars I give the Woody Burger a.....


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