Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy Bee Cafe

Last weekend we got to go to my favorite place, Santa Barbara! On the drive down there we stopped in Ventura to have lunch on Main Street. We ended up at the Busy Bee Cafe.

First let me tell you the good parts. The place was very cool. It was just like a 50's diner with squishy red seats and everything.

We should get this sign for our house! 

They had cool jukeboxes at every table! For 25 cents you get 2 songs. 

Okay on to the burger. I ordered my usual. Cheeseburger plain with potato wedges. Here it was called Jacob's Burger. I don't know who Jacob is or why he gets a burger named after him. 

This burger was really cheesy. I do like cheese. And I liked the bread but......

The meat had a burnt taste to it and it ruined the whole burger. Because it tasted burnt I had to give the Jacob's Burger from the Busy Bee Cafe a.....


And look who showed up when I was finishing our meal! Yea my cousins!!! 

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