Friday, January 4, 2013

1st blog

i loved winter break this year  i got awesome gifts this year . i got a password journal it was so cool. and i got a dreamlite.


  1. Keep being a good kiddo and you will have a good Christmas next year too.

  2. Phi, It sounds like you had a fun Christmas! If I was a 7 years old I would LOVE the gifts you got!!!! So lucky!!!

    I've been enjoying your Mom's blog. She sure loves you, and Louie, and your Daddy.

    Also, I wanted to let you know I enjoyed all the reviews you did on hamburgers. I live really far away from you and your family so I have never had a chance to eat at the best hamburger places. If I am ever in some of those places I will try the hamburgers.

    I live in the state of Nevada, in a town called, Minden. I used to live in Moorpark, California. Your Mom and my daughter went to high school together!!!! My daughter's name is, Jackie Pushkaric Wall.

    Okay, this is a very long note. I will say good-bye for now.

    Sherry Pushkaric

    1. Mrs. Pushkaric. that was a very long note and the best comment I ever got! If you can try any hamburger place try the Padaro Grill. It's my favorite in Santa Barbara.

  3. Phi, is your password still 'farts' haha