Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hi There!

Hey everyone (When I mean everyone I just mean that one person who reads my blog) it is the one and only Sophia Lerma here and today's blog is going to be about my Middle School life right now. So here goes nothing. WARNING: This may be a long blog since I love writing. (I am in Creative Writing BTW.)

Middle School was a whole new chapter of my life! It's definitely a change since I was home schooled and being home or at the office all day. Now I wake up at 7:40 am and get ready for school. That was so early to me when I was home schooled. I am getting use to the new (early) time. If you were wondering, yes I have made lots of friends. First is my best friend Sina. NOT John Sina. If you meet her never call her that! Then there is Alyssa. She was my best friend from Calvary. I have not seen her in like four years! She has become a funny talented friend of mine. Then *sigh* there is Wyatt. Alyssa had a crush on him since day one. She would talk about him non stop! Then about two weeks after school started they finally started dating. FOR TWO DAYS!!! I still can't get over that. Wyatt was sad for a week then we started hanging out with him again. So its all good. There is also Sophia, Amanda, Kat, and Andrea. My classes are alright. My favorite is Science. Its very hands on. My least is Math. As usual. If your wondering "I bet Sophia hates the mile" its actually not that bad! I have been doing better!

So yeah. That's my Middle School life so far! Phi out.


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  2. At the office all day?! So you are retired now, congrats. This was October, it's now April. Update plz. And this is not Ignacio, this is Sophia!