Thursday, April 13, 2017

Interviewing my Mom on her Love for Art

For this project I chose to interview my mom on her love for art. She has loved art for many years.
She takes us to many art museums and surrounds us with art in our own home. She also loves Frida Kahlo and her art as well. I asked her three questions on her love for art.

The first question I asked her was 'What got you into loving art in the first place?' She told me that she started a Chicano Art class in college. She thought "art was for rich people and art museums.". But when she saw this artist named Carmen Lomas Garza's artwork she saw her and her family. There were her cousins hitting a pinata and her aunts and uncles eating conchas! She was amazed to see how much Chicano art was so realistic to her life.

My second question was why is Frida Kahlo your favorite artist? She started off telling me that when she was in Mexico she went to La Casa Azul waiting for her lost luggage. As soon as she walked in she could feel the presents of Frida. She felt so inspired. She read a biography on Frida and fell in love. She said that she went to a Frida exhibit and saw many of her actual paintings. "It kind of has the same feeling like music does". She said it was the only museum she had seen with Frida Kahlo's artwork.

        My third question was what is your favorite piece of art of all time? She sighed. I knew this was going to be a hard question for her. She started explaining all of her personal art she has collected. "The special commissions that were made for me will always hold a special place in my heart" she said. She loves all of her personal paintings the same. But if she had to chose a big artists art piece she would have to chose 'The Two Frida's'. She said it is larger than she thought. She also that art piece at the Frida exhibit she went to. She loves the brush stokes and all the little details in the painting.

       I had one more question to her. Do you draw or paint at all? She laughed. "I would not consider myself a artist". She told me that she likes to write and she also found a liking for photography. But she has started making lunch notes for Sophia (me) everyday. Each are random, either a funny picture or quote. She found out that if you practice just a little bit everyday you will definitely improve!

      I very much enjoyed interviewing my mom. I now understand more about my mom and why she
loves Frida so much. I also know many new things like her favorite piece of art. As well as why her personal art is so close to her. I hope to interview again sometime on some of her other hobbies like photography or writing. Thanks again mom for taking the time and letting my interview you. Phi out.



  1. This is such a fun and lively interview. Illuminating art talk and also reflects an adorable bond between Mother and Child. As Phi says in the interview, "Beautiful, Beautiful." The kid's a natural and Mother can tell a story yo!