Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome to Punk Rock Kids. All about MOI

          Hi. My name is Sophia Lerma. I am a 11 year old in middle school. I like to draw, write, play videos games, and stuff... My mom has a blog named Punk Rock Parents which is about me and my family's life. Here check it out.

So I will write about my life here and maybe my sister Louie will come in at times too.

So I have hobbies like I said



I also like to listen to music. Specifically Hamilton (yes) and new pop music. My art is really just people. It's all I draw. Period. Here are a few examples...   

This is me...

I like to draw a lot of Hamilton

 I mostly use my Prismacolor Markers to color big projects. I am thinking of starting to put some of my art up for sale.

I write little story's are blog.

I have this disease called eczema. Mine is severe. Eczema is when you have rashes and cuts and its hard to control it. Mine is pretty much all over my body. My feet is the worst place. It is also in my creases in my arms in legs as well. It hurts to take showers with eczema too. And some ointment and lotions hurt. I am pretty clear at this moment except my feet which are sort of rashed out.

So that is pretty much it from me. I will try to post AT LEAST once a week. So yeah Phi out.

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