Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Bookmark Contest

 So me, my sister Louie and my mom go to my local library ever Thursday after my after school program. I have gone to the library ever since I was little. I used to do the kid programs all the time. One Thursday we walked into the library and checked out our books and I noticed a flyer that said (not going to say the name of the library) library bookmark contest. Design a bookmark showing what you love about the books or library. I could have made many bookmarks about what I love about this library but the most we could submit three entries. I decided to make two entries. One was for one of the librarians. Her name is Nell. She used to do all the programs that I would go to. She is so nice and helpful. She is great at telling stories and even remembering names! So I made a bookmark that had her name and a nice design. Then my second is me sitting on a couch reading a book and I am thinking of all the things that are in the book. I think it came it pretty good! I turned it into the library. So months later in March my mom got a miss call that said that I had won for the 6th to 8th grade! I was so happy and surprised.

                                               I may have went over board with the pixalating...

I am so happy that I won. That's it for today. Phi Out.

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