Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fidget Cubes and Spinners

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      Have you ever been in class or at a lame conference meeting and was tapping your fingers or pencil. Clicking our pen 5 million times and you just want to get rid of the habit or just need something else to do so the teacher wont yell at you to stop. WELL I HAVE THE THING JUST FOR YOU! Fidget Cubes and Spinners! These are being worshiped at my school... So whats a fidget cube and spinner you ask. WELL a fidget cube is a cube with things to click, flip, roll and spin. 
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Still don't have one...

   This was the first thing that everyone wanted. It was so cool to have a cube to fiddle with. You were awesome is you had a cool red or black one. But then people starting seeing that fidget spinners were the other fidget toy called the Fidget Spinner! 
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It is the thing to have! You hold your index finger and thumb on the finger bands in the center and you spin it! ..... Okay sound more lame when you say it but its actually really fun and good to break habits. So on Monday I asked my mom if I could do some chores to earn some money to buy one. Then my dad mentioned that my cousin Vic makes them. I was like ''WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE I COULD HAVE HAD A FIDGET SPINNER A LONG TIME AGO!!!'' Just Kidding. My dad showed my some of the spinners he made on his 3D Printer Machine thingy. So my mom texted him how much for one. He responded very fast saying he sells them for five dollars but since we were family he would give my one free and get this CUSTOM MADE. So he sent me a link o look at different designs for the spinner. I chose one and he got started making it. The next morning my mom said it was done. Man he is fast! Mom showed me the picture of the finished product...


I was so amazed on how fast he made it and how BEAUTIFUL it looks! He even has my nickname on the finger pad. He says it spins for forever too! Thanks again Vic for making this for me its awesome! Now all the kids will be jealous of me. Mwahaha. Phi out. 


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